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  • Intellistage is the most compact, portable and customizable staging in the world!

    The best portable stage value on the market today. Our stages can be set-up in a variety of shapes, heights and configurations by a single person!

  • Can be set-up in a variety of heights and configurations by one person!

    Intellistage is modular and works similar to lego building blocks. You can customize the shape, height and configuration of your stage as needed to fit large and small events. If your needs change, so can your stage. Stage platforms and rises are available on an individual basis.

  • Perfect for Schools, churches, cities, businesses and more!

    Municipalities, churches, shools, corporations, goverment organizations and military organizations have trusted Intellistage with thier staging needs worldwide. We offer the best staging solutions in the industry. We look forward to assisting you with your needs.

  • Strong enough to hold a car

    Our staging is one of the strongest in the industry! Capable of supporting 900kgs./sq meter.
    Cars and grand pianos are no problem! *The total weight load a stage can support, depends on the type of stage ( All-Terrain or Intellistage) and the stages over-all size.

  • The most compact Storge and transportation in the industry!

    No need for a large truck or warehouse to store or transport your stage. Our stages are so compact that they store 1m x 1m footprint saving you time and money. We also offer storage trunks and caster boards which make transportation and transportation even more convenient

Smart, Simple
Portable Staging Solutions
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All our stages are portable and modular for fast, easy set up and customisation.

Need help creating the perfect stage system to fit your needs?
Whether you need a stage for your next school event, church event, business meeting or concert. We can help you design the perfect system that will fit your needs on time and budget.

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Intellistage products are
some of our customer include:

  • Lightweight, accordian style modular staging system.
  • Platforms come in (1m x 1m and 1m x 2m) sizes.
  • Square, quarter round and triangle shaped platforms are available.
  • Can be set at various heights; (20 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm, and 80 cm, 90cm, 100 cm, 120 cm )
  • Available in Gray Carpet, Industrial Finish and Tuff Coat Finish.
  • Most Compact storage. Stores in a 1m x 1m foot print. or Storage Case.
  • Fast, easy set-up by 1 person.
  • Perfect for schools, churches, hotels, exhibition halls and many other applications.
  • Steps, ramps, guardrails, backdrops, storage trunks and transportaton trolleys are available.
  • For use mostly indoors and should be installed on a flat surface.

weight rated at: 900 KG / SQ M (184.43 LBS /SQ FT)


Easy Set-up by one person!

When it comes to portable stage systems, choral risers, seated risers, catwalks and ramps, Intellistage™ is world renowned for creating the highest quality, most innovative modular staging products on the market today. A pioneer in modular staging design, Intellistage continues to lead the market with innovative products and a wide range of product offerings. We welcome you to join our growing family of satisfied customers worldwide which include numerous Fortune 500 companies, universities, schools, government organizations, houses of worship, luxury hotels, resorts, military organizations and more. We take pride in creating quality products that offer a great value.

Intellistage... modular and customizable...

Intellistage™ stages are completely modular and customizable. Platforms, risers and other components are available in either pre-packaged stage kits or on an individual basis so that our customers can create a custom stage (in different heights, shapes configurations and sizes) to fit their needs.

We even created our exclusive Stage Builder software which allows our customers to easily design their perfect stage instantly online. The good news is that as your needs change, so can your stage system. The beauty of Intellistage is that it is completely modular so you can change the size, shape or height of your stage as needed (*to create some configurations it may be necessary to add new components to your existing stage). We also offer a full range of accessories like stage skirts, storage/transportation systems, stage back drops, choral risers, seated risers, guard rails, mobile stage kits, ramps, stairs and more.

Intellistage... Easy assembly, compact storage.

Intellistage offers the most portable staging value on the market today. Our Stage platforms and risers are so lightweight and compact that a stage can easily be assembled quickly in a matter of minutes by just one person! When it's time to break down, you'll find that disassembly and storage of your stage is equally convenient. Platforms and risers are so compact that they can easily fit in most cars or trucks! Optional storage flight cases, caster board and dollies for transporting and storing your stage are also available.Read more>>